Thursday, April 9, 2009

blogg :)

hi :) gohh...haven't done this in a while
well, there was adoration today and i was thinking, i don't think we really actually understand how much God actually does love us. I mean let's see some things, i don't know about you, but i'm really not a good sick person, so when i have a headache or something it kills me, now imagine, not just a headache or a migrane, due to something small, or a bump on the head, now imagine the pain ta, like a hat of thorns, digging into your head, can you imagine that pain? unimaginable in my opinion, that to me already says like something, that Jesus, knowing that He would have to wear that and more, much much more, still he remained obediant to death, so that we could be free and live life to the full. what a selfless act, i dont think many or any of us for that matter would do that, knowing that most people still wouldnt be appreciative of it, still would ridicule you, and hek Jesus still did it so that we might say yes to Him, and so that we might love Him back. im sure we've all grazed our knees or something of the sort, now you know when they whipped Jesus, the whip had this sort of thing so that when they hit you, chunks of skin would come off at once, imagine that too!

before, even sometimes now ta, i used to feel like i didnt belong anywhere, and i used to get rly upset cos i used to feel left out, like people would just forget about me u hek, then one time i felt God telling me that i belong somewhere, i belong to Him and He loves me, so like i'll never be alone and i do have a place. another thing i wanted to say was, when we like someone or whatever, it kills when like they pay attention to someone else u hek, or when they pay attention to us and then to someone else, situations like that anyway, now imagine, this is when we like or love (to the extent that we as humans can love, nothing compared to Jesus' love for us mind you) someone, can you imagine what Jesus feels when we turn away from him and start "flirting" with sin in a way. so then it's no wonder why Jesus throws a party when one of us returns to Him :)

anyway i'll try blog within a 3 month time span next time
Gb happy Easter x


maria angela said...

wow bex, amen and amen!!
an amazing post worth reading, especially for good friday!! it really made me contemplate!
blessings pupa :)

Rachie said...

flirting with sin.. that phrase is really accurate! I likey =D