Thursday, April 9, 2009

blogg :)

hi :) gohh...haven't done this in a while
well, there was adoration today and i was thinking, i don't think we really actually understand how much God actually does love us. I mean let's see some things, i don't know about you, but i'm really not a good sick person, so when i have a headache or something it kills me, now imagine, not just a headache or a migrane, due to something small, or a bump on the head, now imagine the pain ta, like a hat of thorns, digging into your head, can you imagine that pain? unimaginable in my opinion, that to me already says like something, that Jesus, knowing that He would have to wear that and more, much much more, still he remained obediant to death, so that we could be free and live life to the full. what a selfless act, i dont think many or any of us for that matter would do that, knowing that most people still wouldnt be appreciative of it, still would ridicule you, and hek Jesus still did it so that we might say yes to Him, and so that we might love Him back. im sure we've all grazed our knees or something of the sort, now you know when they whipped Jesus, the whip had this sort of thing so that when they hit you, chunks of skin would come off at once, imagine that too!

before, even sometimes now ta, i used to feel like i didnt belong anywhere, and i used to get rly upset cos i used to feel left out, like people would just forget about me u hek, then one time i felt God telling me that i belong somewhere, i belong to Him and He loves me, so like i'll never be alone and i do have a place. another thing i wanted to say was, when we like someone or whatever, it kills when like they pay attention to someone else u hek, or when they pay attention to us and then to someone else, situations like that anyway, now imagine, this is when we like or love (to the extent that we as humans can love, nothing compared to Jesus' love for us mind you) someone, can you imagine what Jesus feels when we turn away from him and start "flirting" with sin in a way. so then it's no wonder why Jesus throws a party when one of us returns to Him :)

anyway i'll try blog within a 3 month time span next time
Gb happy Easter x

Thursday, October 30, 2008

how brilliant is that?! :P
Gbu loads :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

*drum roll* im ba-a-a-ck ! :)

wow havent blogged since the like beginin of its over like :O haha :P ok so i felt like bloggin but i have absolutely nothin to say i think

well it rained this mornin at like 1 am which rocks coz i love winter and i made myself a hot chocolate :P yummy :) :) i miss winter! it reminds me of england ahh england :P haha england now reminds me of ed XD

*hmm writers block >_<* :P

ok reef rhythms was brilliant..Y4J were so gud yet it was too short :P and so were Salt and Cedar house rly gud so it was a brilliant night all in all specially since i met my cuzz after like a yr man i missed him XD

ermmmm....... God has proved to me once again that He is ALWAYS with me when no one else is and that He's there suffering with me and there to pick me up when i great, how awesome is He! i feel loved by Him :P
oo Y4J live in ..excitement :) last yrs rocked and God worked with so many of us and he was so present there it was like the best weekend of my life man and i was practically abt to start cryin when it was over man.... i say man a lot :P
this year it's called stronger coolio huh sounds promising :) :) i already filled out the application wiii hehe :)

hmm what else did i wanna say oh yes workshops were brilliant but how sad theyre gna finish tom...they rly helped me seriously it helped like to not be shy to share what uve done for God like which is rly important coz we're Christians like we're meant to witness and tell ppl how great and fantastic our God is so yes it was brilliant and helped us all share..let's hope we do it in our every day lives now :) so anyhow thank you to sam bett n acherzz our brilliant leaders :) and obviously the biggest thanks to Jesus without whom our lives would be meaningless and boring and we'd be doomed..seriously...

soon school now .... soon o levels but like i want to get them over with so its kinda gud u knw... anywayz i wanna go to SAC so like i rly gta study...
erm speakin abt o levels gud luck to all u who are headed for 6th form what fun a new chapter in ur lives :) :) and dw wherever u go God is gna be with u and even if u didnt get into the school u wanted its ok coz it was part of God's plan that u went to the school ur gna go to :) :)
and same goes to the ppl who are movin onto UNI gud luck guyz God's with u :) :)

think im done so im off now Gbu n tc guyz x

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh no You never let go =D

hello :) not in the best of fantasticy moods but tryin to stay positive, coz i kno God's with me no matter how alone i feel :) i dunno i have these funny spells were i feel alone but then i think ye right how stupid can i get i'm so not alone i have God next to me and i become happy like this -----> *gleee* :)
hmm anywayz cant wait for summer..i have so many goals to tackle these 3 months XD i so wanna do them, well for starters i am sooo lookin forward to the workshops :P ahh i cant wait i rly wana use them to get closer to God in my everyday life u kno....erm also o wanna learn how to play guitar..ha naraw lol..i tink i already mentioned this lol ah well u'll read it again :P hmm my summer starts on fri so close yet for some reason i'm still seeing it rly far i dunno why...i've only got two exams left eng language n accounts n den summer finaly XD also this summer i rly rly want to get closer to more Y4J-ians coz like sometimes i cant help feelin distant from some ppl so like i wanna start tryin to get closer u kno :) so like ye..hmm anyway
guyz anyway i felt i should say matter what you're going through, no matter what's happening in your life, no matter how alone u feel, how hurt, no matter how u feel like crying and just breaking down, God is there and u have to know that, God IS there, He's going through what you're going through, He's hurting like you're hurting, He's breaking down in tears with u, but He is still the strong one, and He WILL get u out of whatever ur going through no matter what it is He'll carry u until u get out of it safely! until you see the light again :) :) :) and i think the sooner we understand that, the sooner we will stop grumbling abt our lives bein so 'unfair' about how no loves us and the like....guyz we have to believeeee come on ejja guyz and the more we understand that the happier we will be and the more we can be a light to others, the more we can reflect Jesus to other ppl XD guyz u know how much a smile can do?? illa if only we all knew what an impact it can have on ppl, we'd definitely smile every second and to everyone.. i love smiling...most of my friends love smiling and so we pass it on :P ahh hehe a smile's contageous lol it has like that ripple effect of the water :) hmm anyway i think im gna goo..but i dont wanna coz ive gt nothin else to do coz for once in like ages i dnt have to stay awake till 10 at night studyin coz i gt eng lang tom :) so like i wanna stay longer so ye ill think of more things :)
oh ye the meetin last sat was rly nice i rly liked the fr that came to talk to us he's rly swt and he makes ppl laugh XD heh ..hmm half the band was missin last sat which was quite strange coz i've never seen such few ppl in the band lol or at keast i cnt rem lol..anywayz
on sat mich got hr braces xi hleww XD guyz braces are infestating everyone, but they're nice so it doesnt matter hehe ive got anthr like anthr *calculatin* lets see ive been with them for 10 months n i need them for a yr n a half which is 18 months so like 18-10 is 8 almost 7 coz my 10th month is almost up so ye abt 7 months...coool hehe and then i'll have straight teeth :P yey XD
ah yeshh on mon dududum *yeyyy* the Y4J bbq its gna rock man coz *quotin sara* "coz we're fun" meanin Y4J-ians :P we are fun taa plus we know how to have fun without all the qziez :P see it's possible XD hmm i think that's all i have to say and feel like sayin today :)
Gbu guyz and rem God loves uu XD and...we love God :) yesshh tehe by by cu in summer XD psst i'm in a btr mood now :) i think i needed to hear what i wrote lol :)XD strange :P yet cool

psst again i just thought of a song...

lyrics on it :P didnt find such a gud vid, just dnt pay attention to the pics lol just read the words XD

Monday, June 16, 2008

Amazing XD

hey guyz, as many Y4J-ians posted abt i am goin to post abt sats meeting just to carry on sayin how amazin it was :) well i knew that there was a foreign speaker comin but to be honest i didnt tink it was gonna be good (i was horribly wrong) well like zoe said in her blog i didnt want praise to stop and like when they did stop i was like nooo it was amazig seriously i dunno why but like it just was somehow more than usual... anyway so praise was amazing and then the talk and the after-talk :P well the talks are always amazin heh but sat's was like different, not necessarily better, just different, but it was rly good i mean wow come on how amazing 2000 years on God is still healin guyz how amazing is that?!?! just shows how powerful our God is ye :)....well then the prayin over ppl after the talk for special intentions and stuff and for ppl was just amazing!! i never saw anythin that powerful..i was told that they are similar to the ones at SS but like since Ive never been, it was like new to me and i must say i loved it and now im lookin forwrd to goin to SS (next yr) even more!!! if thats possible :P anywayz guyz i think i finally kno wat God wants of me which is like rly rly gud coz ive been tryin to find out for ages and anyway ive been prayin n now im rly excited and i cant wait and everytin also congrats to all those ppl like Maria Angela who are future doctor-esses :P ejja guyz once God wants you to do it then you'll find that strength, He'll give it to u, and He'll provode ur will power :) how amazing is it guyz wooo God has a plan for YOU and for ME :) :) :) :) *happy* also i'm rly glad for the ppl who got healed, i kno Bett did (her blog is on the side bar ting) and i kno Mich's back hasnt hurt her since Sat which like for her its like wow and what's even cooler is she said at the beginnin ppl with back problems n i like opened my eyes for a split sec and she was right in front of Mich one of the times how cool and amazing!!! aa guyz i feel so alivee!!!
but like Tine said in her blog some ppl built a wall and we need to pray for those ppl guyz :)
also guyz we're all fired up now...ejja now let's go and witness and talk to ppl abt God and everytin :) :) :) :) :) :) :) maa guyz im so happy which is wierd coz just started exams but come on how can i be down when i have God!!! guyz i'm seriously excited for what God has planned for me seriosuly, like wen she mentioned the ppl that want to witness and tell ppl abt God i just like felt a fire burnin inside u kno?! like im sure most of u felt wen u wer called like..and den after i was tinkin like i always had these small hints of knowin wat i wanted to do, but like i never knew that God wanted me to do that u kno...issa naraw what God wants will be done i seriously want to be like a puppet and let Him do whatever He wants with me u kno and go wherever He wants me to go spk to whoever He wants me to spk to like the song...I wanna be uYour hands i wanna be Your feet ill go where You send me, go where You send me... :P and so on
ok guyz Gbu n tc prayin for u :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You're all that I want...

hey guyz well i've had a song stuck in my head since sat and then even more wen mar a sent it to me (thanku mar :P i love it) anyway it goes like..and i love u Lord, You rescued me, You are all that i want, You're all i need.... then it continues but at Y4J we only sing that part and if u listen to the words properly and u take the actual meanin of them they're so amazing!!! just say this and mean it...coz You are all that i want and You're all i need... how amazing is it when we admit that no earthly thing can ever substitute God (obviously :P) but some ppl don't realise this and they try fill up the gaps in their lives with everything else, what they don't understand is that nothing will ever satisfy them like the love of God, when you allow God to love you and you love Him back...that is the only way how u can live life to the full, through God, and i dont mean by sayin oh yeah i believe and goin to Y4J and stuff and then goin out and ignorin what u just said and sang!!! guyz lets not be hypocrits (dunno how to spell it sorry :S) its not enough sayin that u'r a christian and then not live the christian way, not do what God wants u to do, swear all the time, dress like i dunno what when they go out, that's bein a hypocrit( i give up tryin to spell this word) what u have to do is believe what u say and sing, let God love u, talk to Him, love Him back, live for Him in ur everyday life and let Him shine through u and use u for His glory...that is the only way to live life to the full!!! some of u may not believe this and may think stupid things abt this, but its true believe me, there are people who have lived both ways, u can ask them and they'll tell u that it's that they've let God into their lives its so much better, even i can tell u that it's true, it is so true living life as a true Chretian is the only way to live!!! well this post developed and changed a bit didnt it, but anyway u get the point :) and guyz admit it to ppl admit that u love Him admit that you need Him plz guyz i have to do this more often too, but like imagine how many ppl can get touched if none of us are ashamed to witness, if all of us admit that we love Him, if all of us pray and if all of us live in a good way!!!

now u understand i have touched everything in that verse :P and I LOVE YOU LORD, YOU RESCUED ME, YOU ARE ALL THAT I WANT, YOU'RE ALL I NEED!!! ok so i hope it made sense guyz, i said what i had to say :P

Wednesday, June 11, 2008